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Shutter button

[ON/OFF] button

t (movie recording) button


Self-timer lamp
AF-assist illuminator

Lens/protective glass


[W] (zoom out) button

[T] (zoom in) button

a (playback) button

Safety lock


Strap eyelet

[DISP] (display)/[BACK] button

Burst mode button
r (wireless transfer) button (playback mode)


Tripod mount

Product name plate

LCD monitor

Water-resistant seal

Micro USB connector (Micro-B)

Memory card slot

Micro HDMI connector (Type D)

Battery chamber

Battery latch

The Product name plate

Do not remove the product name plate, which provides the FCC ID, KC mark, CMIIT ID, serial number, and other important information.

The Selector

Use the efgh (up, down, left, and right) buttons to highlight menu items or access camera functions.

Move cursor up ()
d (exposure compensation) button
b (delete) button

Move cursor left ()
[Fn] (function) button

Move cursor right ()
N (flash) button

Move cursor down ()
h (self-timer) button

[MENU/OK] button

The [Fn] (Function) Buttons

The N (flash) and h (self-timer) buttons can also serve as [Fn] (function) buttons. Pressing and holding the f, g, or h button during shooting activates the assigned function, displaying a menu of options.

The roles assigned to the function buttons can be selected using the F [FUNCTION (Fn) SETTING] item in the setup menu (a [FUNCTION (Fn) SETTING], Assigning a Role to the Function Buttons).

Role selection can also be accessed by pressing and holding the function or [DISP/BACK] button.

The Burst Mode Button

Press the burst-mode button (I) to switch between single-frame and burst modes.

f [4K BURST]
h [HDR]