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The camera can be used with lenses for the FUJIFILM X-mount.

Lens Parts

ALens hood

BMounting marks

CFocus ring

DZoom ring

EAperture ring

FO.I.S. switch

GAperture mode switch

HLens signal contacts

IFront lens cap

JRear lens cap

A XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS lens is used here for illustrative purposes.

Removing Lens Caps

Remove lens caps as shown.

Lens caps may differ from those shown.

Attaching Lens Hoods

When attached, lens hoods reduce glare and protect the front lens element.

Lenses with Aperture Rings

At settings other than [A], you can adjust aperture by rotating the lens aperture ring (exposure modes [A] and [M]).

Aperture ring

Selecting [ON] for [MOVIE OPTIMIZED CONTROL]oL disables the aperture ring.

When the aperture ring is set to [A], rotate the command dials to adjust aperture.

The Aperture Mode Switch

If the lens has an aperture mode switch, aperture can be adjusted manually by sliding the switch to Z and rotating the aperture ring.

Aperture mode switch

Aperture ring

Lenses with No Aperture Rings

The method used to adjust aperture can be selected using D[BUTTON/DIAL SETTING] > [APERTURE SETTING]. When an option other than [AUTO] is selected, aperture can be adjusted using the front command dial.

Aperture control defaults to the front command dial, but can be reassigned to the rear command dial using D[BUTTON/DIAL SETTING] > [COMMAND DIAL SETTING].

Lenses with O.I.S. Switches

If the lens supports optical image stabilization (O.I.S.), the image stabilization mode can be chosen in the camera menus. To activate image stabilization, slide the O.I.S. switch to [ON].

O.I.S. switch

Manual Focus Lenses

Slide the focus ring to the front for autofocus.

For manual focus, slide the focus ring to the back and rotate it while checking the results in the camera display. The focus distance and depth-of-field indicators can be used to assist manual focus.

Note that manual focus may not be available in all shooting modes.

The Depth-of-Field Indicator

The depth-of-field indicator shows the approximate depth of field (the distance in front of and behind the focus point that appears to be in focus). The indicator is displayed in film format.

Lens Care

  • Use a blower to remove dust, then gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Any remaining stains can be removed by wiping gently with a piece of Fujifilm lens-cleaning paper to which a small amount of lens-cleaning fluid has been applied.
  • Replace the front and rear caps when the lens is not in use.