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The camera can be used with lenses for the FUJIFILM X-mount.

Remove the body cap from the camera and the rear cap from the lens. Place the lens on mount, keeping the marks on the lens and camera aligned (A), and then rotate the lens until it clicks into place (B).

When attaching lenses, ensure that dust or other foreign matter does not enter the camera.

Be careful not to touch the camera's internal parts.

Rotate the lens until it clicks securely into place.

Do not press the lens release button while attaching the lens.

Removing Lenses

To remove the lens, turn the camera off, then press the lens release button (A) and rotate the lens as shown (B).

To prevent dust accumulating on the lens or inside the camera, replace the lens caps and camera body cap when the lens is not attached.

Lenses and Other Optional Accessories

The camera can be used with lenses and accessories for the FUJIFILM X-mount.

Observe the following precautions when attaching or removing (exchanging) lenses.

  • Check that the lenses are free of dust and other foreign matter.
  • Do not change lenses in direct sunlight or under another bright light source. Light focused into the interior of the camera could cause it to malfunction.
  • Attach the lens caps before exchanging lenses.