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Use the b (delete) button to delete pictures.

Deleted pictures cannot be recovered. Protect important pictures or copy them to a computer or other storage device before proceeding.

  1. With a picture displayed full frame, press the b button and select [FRAME].

  2. Choose a picture and press [MENU/OK] to delete it.

    • The picture will be deleted when the [MENU/OK] button is pressed; a confirmation dialog is not displayed. Be careful not to accidentally delete pictures you wish to keep.
    • Additional pictures can be deleted using the [MENU/OK] button. Display the desired pictures and press [MENU/OK] to delete them one by one.

Protected pictures cannot be deleted. Remove protection from any pictures you wish to delete (a[PROTECT]).

Pictures can also be deleted from the menus using the C[PLAY BACK MENU] > [ERASE] option (a[ERASE]).