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To record raw, unprocessed data from the camera image sensor, select a [RAW] option for image quality in the shooting menu as described below. JPEG copies of RAW images can be created using the [RAW CONVERSION] option in the playback menu, or RAW images can be viewed on a computer using optional [RAW FILE CONVERTER] software.

  1. Press [MENU/OK] in shooting mode to display the shooting menu. Press the selector up or down to highlight [IMAGE QUALITY] and press [MENU/OK].

  2. Highlight an option and press [MENU/OK]. Select [RAW] to record only RAW images, or [FINE+RAW] or [NORMAL+RAW] to record both JPEG copy together with the RAW images. [FINE+RAW] uses lower JPEG compression ratios for higher-quality JPEG images, while [NORMAL+RAW] uses higher JPEG compression ratios to increase the number of images that can be stored.

RAW image quality options are not available with extended ISO sensitivity.

The Function Buttons

To toggle RAW image quality on or off for a single shot, assign [RAW] to a function button. If a JPEG option is currently selected for image quality, pressing the button temporarily selects the equivalent JPEG+RAW option. If a JPEG+RAW option is currently selected, pressing the button temporarily selects the equivalent JPEG option, while if [RAW] is selected, pressing the button temporarily selects [FINE]. Taking a picture or pressing the button again restores the previous setting.