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To choose how the camera measures the brightness of the subject, press the button.

At default settings, metering is assigned to function button 6. For information on choosing the roles assigned to the function buttons, see “The Function Buttons”.

Metering can also be selected in the shooting menu.

Automatic scene recognition is used to adjust exposure for a wide range of shooting conditions.
The camera meters lighting conditions in the selected focus area or at the center of the frame. Recommended when the background is much brighter or darker than the main subject.

If [INTERLOCK SPOT AE & FOCUS AREA] is [ON] and [AREA] is selected for [AUTOFOCUS SETTING] > [AF MODE], the camera will meter lighting conditions in the selected focus area. If [INTERLOCK SPOT AE & FOCUS AREA] is [OFF], the camera will meter the center focus area.

Exposure is set to the average for the entire frame. Provides consistent exposure across multiple shots with the same lighting, and is particularly effective for landscapes and portraits of subjects dressed in black or white.