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The following types of indicator may be displayed during shooting.

In the description that follows, all available indicators are shown for illustrative purposes; the indicators actually displayed vary with camera settings.

ND (Neutral Density) filter indicator

Depth-of-field preview

Conversion lens

Location data download status

Monitor sunlight mode

Movie mode

Time remaining

Internal memory indicator *

Number of available frames

Image size/quality

Battery level

Bright frame

Focus frame

Focus warning

Temperature warning

Electronic level

Distance indicator


Exposure indicator


Shutter speed

AE lock indicator


Shooting mode

Focus indicator

Manual focus indicator

Focus mode


Silent mode indicator

Control lock

Dynamic range

Film simulation

White balance

Shutter type

Continuous mode

Self-timer indicator

Macro (close-up) mode

Microphone/remote release

Flash mode/Flash compensation

* : indicates that no memory card is inserted and that pictures will be stored in the camera’s internal memory.

The Electronic Range Finder (ERF)

To view the electronic range finder (ERF), rotate the viewfinder selector as shown when the optical viewfinder is displayed.