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Shutter button

Exposure compensation dial

Shutter speed dial

Hot shoe


Microphone (L)

Viewfinder window

Strap eyelet

Focus mode selector

Aperture ring

Focus ring


Front ring 1

AF-assist illuminator

Self-timer lamp

Viewfinder selector

Microphone (R)

[ON/OFF] switch

[Fn] button (function button 1)

Battery latch

Memory card slot

Battery chamber

1 Remove when attaching lens accessories.

Eye sensor

Command dial

Connector cover

DC coupler cable cover

Battery-chamber cover latch

Battery-chamber cover

Tripod mount


LCD monitor

Microphone/remote release connector

Micro USB connector

Micro HDMI connector 2

2 Use an HDMI cable no more than 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) long.

Diopter adjustment control

[VIEW MODE] button

(playback) button

(delete) button (playback mode)

[Fn] button (function button 6)

[Wi-Fi] button

[Fn] button (function button 7)

[DRIVE] button

[AEL/AFL] (autoexposure/autofocus lock) button

Indicator lamp

[Q] (quick menu) button

Selector/function buttons

[DISP] (display)/[BACK] button