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Adjust settings for optional conversion lenses.

Choose when using an optional WCL-X100 conversion lens.
Choose when using an optional TCL-X100 conversion lens.
Choose when no conversion lens is attached.

Attach The Conversion Lens

  1. Remove the front ring.

    If you have trouble removing the front ring, grip the entire ring and rotate it as shown.

  2. Attach the conversion lens.

Keep the front ring and lens cap in a safe place when not in use.

Using a Wide Conversion Lens

When using an optional WCL-X100 wide conversion lens, select [WIDE] for [CONVERSION LENS]. An icon will be displayed.

Because the optical viewfinder does not cover the full field of view of the conversion lens, the bright frame is replaced by brackets showing approximately 80% of the field of view. For accurate framing, compose pictures using the electronic viewfinder or LCD monitor.

The built-in flash may fail to light the entire subject. We recommend using an optional external flash designated for use with this camera.