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The parts of the camera are listed below.

At (movie recording) button

BQ (quick menu) button

CISO button

DRear command dial

EMode dial

FHot shoe


HFn (function) dial

IN (flash pop-up) lever

JConnector cover

KStrap clip

LConnector cover


NLens signal contacts

OLens release button

PAF-assist illuminator
Self-timer lamp
Tally light

QFront command dial

RON/OFF switch

SShutter button


UBody cap

VMicrophone/remote release connector (φ3.5 mm)

WUSB connector (Type-C)

XHDMI Micro connector (Type D)

YI (drive) button
b (delete) button (playback mode)

Za (playback) button

aDiopter adjustment control

bElectronic viewfinder (EVF)

cFn button

dAEL (exposure lock) button

eAFON button

fStrap clip

gIndicator lamp
Tally light

hFocus stick (focus lever)

iBattery-chamber cover latch

jBattery-chamber cover

kCable channel cover for DC coupler

lDISP (display)/BACK button

mMENU/OK button

nTripod mount

oVari-angle LCD monitor
Touch screen

pEye sensor

qMemory card slot

rBattery chamber

sBattery latch

tSerial number plate

VUse of an optional RR‑100 remote release requires a third-party adapter to convert the three-pin, φ2.5 mm connector to a three-pin, φ3.5 mm connector.

tDo not remove the serial number plate, which provides the CMIIT ID, serial number, and other important information.