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The [DRIVE] dial gives you access to the following options.

[Bracketing]: Automatically vary settings over a series of pictures. Each of the [BKT1] and [BKT2] positions can be assigned different bracketing settings.
[High-speed burst]: Shoot photos in high-speed bursts.
[Low-speed burst]: Shoot in low-speed bursts.
[Single frame]: Take photos one at a time.
[Advanced filter]: Take photos with filter effects. Each of the [Adv.1] and [Adv.2] positions can be assigned a different filter.
[Multiple exposure]: Create photos that combine two exposures.
[Panorama]: Follow an on-screen guide to create panoramas.

*1 Available only in modes [P], [S], [A], and [M].

*2 Camera functions in auto mode when auto mode selector lever is rotated to [AUTO].