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The [DISP/BACK] button controls the display of indicators in the viewfinder and LCD monitor.

Viewfinder: Shooting


Information off

LCD Monitor: Shooting


Information off

Info display

Viewfinder/LCD Monitor: Playback


Information off

Info display


Customizing the Standard Display

To choose the items shown in the standard display:

  1. Display standard indicators.

    Press the [DISP/BACK] button until standard indicators are displayed.


    Select [SCREEN SET-UP] > [DISP. CUSTOM SETTING] in the setup menu.

  3. Choose items.

    Highlight items and press [MENU/OK] to select or deselect.

    • Framing grid
    • Virtual horizon
    • Focus frame
    • Focus distance (autofocus)
    • Focus distance (manual focus)
    • Histogram
    • Shooting mode
    • Exposure (aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity)
    • Information backgroupnd
    • Exposure compensation
    • Focus mode
    • Metering
    • Shutter type
    • Flash mode
    • Continuous mode
    • Dual IS mode
    • White balance
    • Film simulation
    • Dynamic range
    • Number of exposures remaining/media
    • Image quality and size
    • Movie mode & REC. time
    • Battery level
  4. Save changes.

    Press [DISP/BACK] to save changes.

  5. Exit the menus.

    Press [DISP/BACK] as needed to exit the menus and return to the shooting display.

Virtual Horizon

Selecting [ELECTRONIC LEVEL] displays a virtual horizon. The camera is level when the two lines overlap.

The virtual horizon may not be displayed if the camera lens is pointed up or down.


Histograms show the distribution of tones in the image. Brightness is shown by the horizontal axis, the number of pixels by the vertical axis.

No. of pixels

Pixel brightness



Optimal exposure

Pixels are distributed in an even curve throughout the tone range.


Pixels are clustered on the right side of the graph.


Pixels are clustered on the left side of the graph.