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Upload files to Frame.io.

Confirm that the camera clock is set to the correct time and date before proceeding.

Connecting via Wireless LAN

Connect to Frame.io via wireless LAN.

  1. Select [NETWORK SETTING] in the network/USB setting menu.

  2. Select [NOT CREATED].

    You can also select or edit existing network.


    Select [IP ADDRESS SETTING] to choose the IP address manually as described in “Connecting Using an IP Address”.

  4. Select [SIMPLE SETUP].

    To select a wireless LAN router or enter the router SSID manually, choose [MANUAL SETUP].

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to ready the wireless LAN router.

    You also have the option of connecting using a PIN. Display the camera PIN by pressing the focus stick (focus lever) up and enter it on the wireless LAN router.

  6. Press [MENU/OK] when setup is complete.

  7. Select [Frame.io Camera to Cloud] > [CONNECT] in the network/USB settings menu.

  8. Once connected, select [GET PAIRING CODE].

    A pairing code will be displayed.

  9. Sign in to Frame.io from a computer or other device and enter the pairing code displayed on the camera.

  10. Upload files to Frame.io (aUploading Items to Frame.io).

Connecting Using an IP Address

Connect to Frame.io using a manually-created network/USB setting profile giving the IP address and other network settings.

  1. Select [MANUAL].

    Select [AUTO] to assign the camera an IP address automatically.

  2. Enter an IP address.

    Select [IP ADDRESS] and enter an IP address.

    Select [SUBNET MASK] and enter a subnet mask.

    Select [GATEWAY ADDRESS] and enter a gateway address.

    Select [DNS SERVER ADDRESS] and enter a DNS server address.

Connection Status

The status of the connection to Frame.io is shown by an icon in the electronic viewfinder or LCD monitor.

Icon Connection status


Connected to Frame.io.


Camera has temporarily suspended upload to Frame.io. To resume, select [Frame.io Camera to Cloud] > [UPLOAD SETTING] > [TRANSFER/SUSPEND] > [TRANSFER].


Not connected to Frame.io.


Frame.io server has set camera status to “paused”. To restore connection, clear “paused” status using computer or other device.

Uploading Items to Frame.io

Uploading Selected Items Using “Frame.io Camera to Cloud”

  1. Select [Frame.io Camera to Cloud] in network/USB settings menu.


    The [NETWORK] and [Frame.io] field show the status of the connection to Frame.io.

    The [PROJECT] and [USER] fields show information supplied to Frame.io using a computer or other device. Note that some characters may not display correctly, in which case they will be replaced by question marks (“?”).

  3. Mark items for upload.

    Highlight photos and movies and press [MENU/OK] to mark them for upload.

    • To display only items that meet selected criteria, press [DISP/BACK] before marking begins.
    • To select all items, press the [Q] button.
    • Selecting any two items with the [AEL] button also selects all items between them.

  4. Press [DISP/BACK] and select [START TRANSFER].

    The selected items will be uploaded to Frame.io.

Filtering Items

To display only items that meet selected criteria, press [DISP/BACK] in the selection dialog and select [FILTERING].

Selecting [FILTERING] removes any existing upload marking.

Image transfer orders can contain a maximum of 9999 items.

If [ON] is selected for [Frame.io Camera to Cloud] > [IMAGE TRANSFER WHILE POWER OFF], upload will continue even while the camera is off.

Uploading Photos and Movies as They Are Taken

Photos and movies shot with [ON] selected for [Frame.io Camera to Cloud] > [UPLOAD SETTING] > [AUTO IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER] in the network/USB setting menu are automatically marked for upload.