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View movies on the camera.

Viewing Movies During Playback

Any movie selected after the a button is pressed to begin playback will be indicated by a W icon. Press the focus stick (focus lever) down to start movie playback.

The following operations can be performed while a movie is displayed:

Focus stick
(focus lever)
Full-frame playback Playback in progress (x) Playback paused (y)
Up View photo information End playback
Down Start playback Pause playback Start/resume playback
Left/right View other pictures Adjust speed Single frame rewind/advance

Progress is shown in the display during playback.

Do not cover the speaker during playback.

Press [MENU/OK] to pause playback and display volume controls. Press the focus stick (focus lever) up or down to adjust the volume; press MENU/OK again to resume playback. Volume can also be adjusted using D[SOUND SET-UP] > [PLAYBACK VOLUME].

To view movies on a television connected via HDMI instead of in the camera monitor, press the a button.

Playback Speed

Press the focus stick (focus lever) left or right to adjust playback speed during playback. Speed is shown by the number of arrows (M or N).


Viewing Movies During Vlog Recording

When the mode dial is rotated to [Vlog], you can view your most recent shot by pressing the h button and then tapping j in the display.

  • Tap the display to begin playback.
  • Tap m or n to select other shots.
  • To delete the current shot, tap k.

If you have viewed other items since your last shot, the most-recently viewed item will be displayed.

Playback controls can be displayed by tapping l during playback.


Control Function
Pause Pause playback. Tap again to resume.



Rewind or advance the movie. When playback paused, you can tap these buttons to rewind or advance a frame at a time.

Volume Adjust playback volume.
Channel selection Adjust audio settings for use when viewing 4ch movies.
Close Hide movie playback controls.
Back End playback and return to the shooting display.

Volume adjustment and channel selection are not available while playback is in progress. Pause playback to use these controls.