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Adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light.

Set sensitivity using A[SHOOTING SETTING] > [ISO].

Option Description
Sensitivity is automatically adjusted in response to shooting conditions. Different values for [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY], [MAX. SENSITIVITY], and [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED] can be chosen for each of [AUTO1], [AUTO2], and [AUTO3] (aAuto Sensitivity (A)).
160–12800 Adjust sensitivity manually. Selected value is shown in display.
[L] (80)
[L] (100)
[L] (125)
[H] (25600)
[H] (51200)
Choose for special situations. Note that mottling may appear in pictures taken at [H], while [L] reduces dynamic range.

Sensitivity is not reset when the camera is turned off.

A B[MOVIE SETTING] > F[ISO] option is available in the movie shooting menu when F (movie) is selected for drive mode.

Sensitivity can be assigned to the front command dial using D[BUTTON/DIAL SETTING] > [COMMAND DIAL SETTING] (a[COMMAND DIAL SETTING]).

Adjusting Sensitivity

High values can be used to reduce blur when lighting is poor, while lower values allow slower shutter speeds or wider apertures in bright light; note, however, that mottling may appear in pictures taken at high sensitivities.

Auto Sensitivity (A)

Choose the base sensitivity, maximum sensitivity, and minimum shutter speed for [AUTO1], [AUTO2], and [AUTO3].


Item Options
[MAX. SENSITIVITY] 400–12800


Item [AUTO1] [AUTO2] [AUTO3]
[MAX. SENSITIVITY] 800 3200 12800

The camera automatically chooses a sensitivity between the default and maximum values; sensitivity is only raised above the default value if the shutter speed required for optimal exposure would be slower than the value selected for [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED].

If the value selected for [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY] is higher than that selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY], [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY] will be set to the value selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY].

The camera may select shutter speeds slower than [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED] if pictures would still be underexposed at the value selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY].

If [AUTO] is selected for [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED], the camera will automatically choose a minimum shutter speed fast enough to prevent blur caused by camera shake or subject motion (the minimum shutter speed is not affected by the option selected for image stabilization).