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Adjust exposure.

Rotate the exposure compensation dial.

The amount of compensation available varies with the shooting mode.

Exposure compensation can be previewed in the shooting display, although the display may not accurately reflect its effects if:

- the exposure compensation amount exceeds ±3 EV,

- W[200%] or X[400%] is selected for [DYNAMIC RANGE], or

- [STRONG] or [WEAK] is selected for [D RANGE PRIORITY].

Exposure compensation can still be previewed in the viewfinder or LCD monitor by pressing the shutter button halfway. In movie mode, the display may not accurately reflect the effects of exposure compensation during F-log recording or when W[200%] or X[400%] is selected for [DYNAMIC RANGE]. An accurate preview can be obtained by selecting mode [M] and adjusting exposure directly.

C (Custom)

When the exposure compensation dial is set to [C], exposure compensation can be adjusted by first pressing the center of the front command dial to cycle to [EXPOSURE COMPENSATION] and then rotating the dial.

The front command dial can be used to set exposure compensation to values between −5 and +5 EV.

Front command dial settings can be adjusted using D[BUTTON/DIAL SETTING] > [COMMAND DIAL SETTING] (aFront Command Dial Roles by Mode, [COMMAND DIAL SETTING]).