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This section lists the indicators that may be displayed during playback.

For illustrative purposes, displays are shown with all indicators lit.

ADate and time

BFrame-number display

CFace detection indicator

DBluetooth ON/OFF

EImage transfer order

FImage transfer status

GNumber of frames selected for upload

HFrame number

IProtected image

JLocation data

KBattery level

LImage quality

MImage size

NFilm format

OFilm simulation

PDynamic range


RWhite balance


TExposure compensation


VShutter speed

WPlayback mode indicator

XMovie icon

YTime code

ZHDR image

aRed-eye removal indicator


cGift image

dPhotobook assist indicator

eDPOF print indicator

fVoice memo


The [DISP/BACK] Button

The [DISP/BACK] button controls the display of indicators during playback.


Information off

Info display

Viewing Photo Information

The photo information display changes each time the focus stick (focus lever) is pressed up.

Basic data

Info display 1

Info display 2

Info display 3

Zooming in on the Focus Point

Press the center of the focus stick (focus lever) to zoom in on the focus point. Press again to return to full-frame playback.