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Adjust flash-related settings for still photography.

To display flash settings, press [MENU/OK] in the photo shooting display and select the F ([FLASH SETTING]) tab.


Choose a flash control mode, flash mode, or sync mode or adjust the flash level. The options available vary with the flash.

For more information on flash settings, see “External Flash Units” in “Peripherals and Optional Accessories”.


Remove red-eye effects caused by the flash.

Option Description
[FLASH+REMOVAL] A red-eye reduction pre-flash is combined with digital red-eye removal.
[FLASH] Flash red-eye reduction only.
[REMOVAL] Digital red-eye removal only.
[OFF] Flash red-eye reduction and digital red-eye removal off.

Flash red-eye reduction can be used in TTL flash control mode.

Digital red-eye removal is performed only when a face is detected.

Digital red-eye removal is not available with RAW images.


Instead of adjusting flash level with each shot, TTL flash control can be locked for consistent results across a series of photographs.

Option Description
[LOCK WITH LAST FLASH] Flash output is locked at the value metered for the most recent photo.
[LOCK WITH METERING FLASH] The camera emits a series of pre-flashes and locks flash output at the metered value.

To use TTL lock, assign [TTL-LOCK] to a camera control and then use the control to enable or disable TTL lock (aFunction Controls).

Flash compensation can be adjusted while TTL lock is in effect.

Selecting [LOCK WITH LAST FLASH] displays an error message if no previously metered value exists.


Choose whether to use the flash unit's LED video light (if available) as a catchlight or AF-assist illuminator when taking photos.

Option Role of LED video light in still photography
[CATCHLIGHT] Catchlight
[AF ASSIST] AF-assist illuminator
[AF ASSIST+CATCHLIGHT] AF-assist illuminator and catchlight
[OFF] None

In some cases, this option can also be accessed via the [FLASH FUNCTION SETTING] menu.


Choose groups when using the camera flash unit as a commander for Fujifilm optical wireless remote flash control. This option is available when the camera is used with clip-on flash units that support Fujifilm optical wireless flash control.

[Gr A] [Gr B] [Gr C] [OFF]

In some cases, this option can also be accessed via the [FLASH FUNCTION SETTING] menu.


Choose the channel used for communication between the commander and remote flash units. Separate channels can be used for different flash systems or to prevent interference when multiple systems are operating in close proximity.

[CH1] [CH2] [CH3] [CH4]