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AHot shoe

BViewfinder lock releases

C[VIEW MODE] button

DEye sensor

EElectronic viewfinder (EVF)

FEye cup

GDiopter adjustment control


IHot shoe cover

JConnector cover


The optional EVF‑TL1 tilt adapter lets you swivel the viewfinder left or right ±45° or up or down between 0° and 90° (a Viewfinder Tilt Adapters).

Attaching the Viewfinder

Using the viewfinder makes it easier to frame your subject accurately. Remove the hot shoe cover from the camera and slide the viewfinder onto the hot shoe, stopping when it clicks into place.

Removing the Viewfinder

Keeping the lock releases pressed (A), press down on the front of the viewfinder (B) and slide it off as shown.

The Eye Cup

To remove the eye cup, press the bottom in with both thumbs and slide eye cup up.

Focusing the Viewfinder

If the indicators displayed in the viewfinder are blurred, put your eye to the viewfinder and rotate the diopter adjustment control until the display is in sharp focus.

To focus the viewfinder:

ALift the diopter adjustment control.

BRotate the control to adjust viewfinder focus.

CReturn the control to its original position and lock it in place.

Lift the control before use. Failure to observe this precaution could cause product malfunction.