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Use the digital teleconverter to further magnify the image while processing it for sharp, high-resolution results.

  1. Assign [DIGITAL TELE-CONV.] to the control ring (aThe Control Ring).

  2. Choose the zoom angle using the control ring.

    Standard (35 mm *)

    50 mm *

    70 mm *

    * 35 mm format equivalent

  3. Take pictures at the selected zoom angle.

Image quality drops slightly at [DIGITAL TELE-CONV.] settings of 50 and 70 mm.

The digital teleconverter can now be used for RAW pictures.

The digital teleconverter may be unavailable in some modes.

Digital teleconverter settings can also be accessed via A[SHOOTING SETTING] > [DIGITAL TELE-CONV.].

The zoom angles available when a conversion lens is attached are 72 and 100 mm for telephoto conversion lenses (teleconverters) and 41 and 58 mm for wide-angle conversion lenses.