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Adjust image quality settings.

The shooting menu is displayed when you press [MENU/OK] in shooting mode. Choose from tabs A, B, C, D, or E.

The options available vary with the shooting mode selected.


Adjust movie-recording options.


Choose a frame size and rate for movie recording.

Option Frame size Rate
V[2160/15P]* 3840 × 2160 (4K) 15 fps
i[1080/59.94P] 1920 × 1080
(Full HD)
59.94 fps
i[1080/50P] 50 fps
i[1080/24P] 24 fps
i[1080/23.98P] 23.98 fps
h[720/59.94P] 1280 × 720
59.94 fps
h[720/50P] 50 fps
h[720/24P] 24 fps
h[720/23.98P] 23.98 fps

* Use a memory card with a UHS speed class of 3 or better when recording time-lapse movies that will be viewed on the camera.


Record high-frame-rate HD movies that play back in slow motion, giving you time to view fast-moving subjects or details too fleeting for the naked eye: a batter’s swing, darting insects, or swiftly-flowing waters.

Option Description
1.6×a59.94P F100P

Record HD (1280 × 720) movies at 1.6×, 2×, 3.3×, or 4× speed and a frame rate of 100 fps. The movies play back at 1⁄1.6, ¹⁄₂, 1⁄3.3, or ¹⁄₄ speed, respectively.

a50P F100P

3.3×a29.97P F100P

a25P F100P

[OFF] High-speed recording off.

High-speed movies are recorded at a reduced frame size with no sound. Focus, exposure, zoom, and white balance are fixed at the values in effect at the start of recording. Movies shot under low light may be underexposed due to the high recording speeds; we recommend shooting outdoors in daylight or in other brightly-lit locations. If desired, high-speed movies can also be viewed in slow-motion on a computer.


Choose the sensitivity for movie recording from [AUTO] or from settings between ISO 400 and 6400.

This setting has no effect on photographs.


Choose the focus mode for movie recording.

Option Description
[MANUAL FOCUS] Focus manually.
[CONTINUOUS AF] The camera focuses using AF-C.
[SINGLE AF] The camera focuses using AF-S.


Choose how the camera selects the focus point for movie recording.

Option Description
[MULTI] Automatic focus-point selection.
[AREA] The camera focuses on the subject in the selected focus area.


If [ON] is selected, HDMI devices to which the camera is connected will mirror the information in the camera display.

[ON] [OFF]


Choose the destination for 4K movies shot while the camera is connected to an HDMI recorder or other device that supports 4K.

Option Description
b [CARD] 4K movies are recorded to a camera memory card and output to the HDMI device in 4K.
[HDMI] 4K movies are output to the HDMI device in 4K. The camera does not record 4K movies to a memory card.


Choose whether the camera sends movie start and stop signals to the HDMI device when the t (movie recording) button is pressed to start and stop movie recording.

[ON] [OFF]


Adjust the recording level for the built-in and external microphones.

4 3 2 1


Specify whether the device connected to the microphone/remote release connector is a microphone or a remote release.



Choose from the following image stabilization options:

Option Description
L[ CONTINUOUS +MOTION] Image stabilization on. If [+MOTION] is selected, the camera will adjust shutter speed to reduce motion blur when a moving objects are detected.
M[SHOOTING +MOTION] As above, except that image stabilization is performed only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (focus mode k only) or the shutter is released. If [+MOTION] is selected, the camera will adjust shutter speed to reduce motion blur when a moving objects are detected.
[OFF] Image stabilization off. Choose this option when using a tripod.

[+MOTION] has no effect when sensitivity is set to a fixed value, and may also be unavailable at some other combinations of settings. The effect may vary with lighting conditions and the speed at which the object is moving.

This option is available only with lenses that support image stabilization.


Choose whether to enable digital image stabilization during movie recording.

[ON] [OFF]


Connect to smartphones running the latest version of the [FUJIFILM Camera Remote] app. The smartphone can be used to browse the images on the camera, download selected images, control the camera remotely, or upload location data to the camera.

For downloads and other information, visit:

a FUJIFILM Camera Remote


Choose the shutter type. Choose the electronic shutter to mute the shutter sound.

Option Description
t[MECHANICAL SHUTTER] Take pictures with the mechanical shutter.
s[ELECTRONIC SHUTTER] Take pictures with the electronic shutter.
t[MECHANICAL]+s[ELECTRONIC] The camera chooses the shutter type according to shooting conditions.

When the electronic shutter is used, distortion may be visible in shots of moving subjects and in hand-held shots taken at high shutter speeds, while banding and fog may occur in shots taken under fluorescent lights or other flickering or erratic illumination. When taking pictures with the shutter muted, respect your subjects’ image rights and right to privacy.

When the electronic shutter is used, the flash is disabled, sensitivity is restricted to values of ISO 12800–200, and long exposure noise reduction has no effect.


Select [ON] to enable power zoom when the LCD monitor is opened horizontally to approximately 180°. Zoom can be adjusted by rotating the sub-command dial.

[ON] [OFF]