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Adjust basic camera settings.

To access basic camera settings, press [MENU/OK] and select tab I.


Adjust settings for connection to wireless devices, including smartphones, computers, and [Fujifilm instax SHARE] printers.

For more information on wireless connections, visit:

a Connecting to Smartphones and Computers

[Bluetooth SETTINGS]

Adjust Bluetooth settings.

Option Description
[PAIRING REGISTRATION] To pair the camera with a smartphone or tablet, select this option, then launch [FUJIFILM Camera Remote] on the smart device and tap [PAIRING REGISTRATION].
[DELETE PAIRING REG.] End pairing.
[Bluetooth ON/OFF]

[ON]: The camera automatically establishes a Bluetooth connection with paired devices when turned on.

[OFF]: The camera does not connect via Bluetooth.


[ON]: Mark JPEG images for upload as they are taken.

[OFF]: Photos are not marked for upload as they are taken.


[ON]: Pictures are uploaded to paired devices after shooting.

[OFF]: Pictures are uploaded to paired devices only when the camera is off or starting shortly after you exit to playback.


Choose whether to synchronize the camera to the time and/or location provided by a paired smartphone.

[LOCATION&TIME]: Synchronize the time and location.

[LOCATION]: Synchronize the location.

[TIME]: Synchronize the time.

[OFF]: Synchronization off.

Install the latest version of the [FUJIFILM Camera Remote] app on your smartphone or tablet before pairing the device with your camera or uploading images.

When [ON] is selected for both [Bluetooth ON/OFF] and [AUTO IMAGE TAGGING] and [OFF] is chosen for [SEAMLESS TRANSFER], upload to paired devices will begin when the camera is turned off or shortly after you exit to playback.

If [AUTO IMAGE TAGGING] is off, pictures can be marked for transfer using the U[IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER] option in the playback menu.


Adjust settings for connection to computers via wireless LAN.

Option Description

Choose the method used for connection to computers via a wireless LAN.

[SIMPLE SETUP]: Connect using WPS.

[MANUAL SETUP]: Choose the network from a list ([SELECT FROM NETWORK LIST]) or enter the name manually ([ENTER SSID]).

[DELETE REGISTERED DESTINATION PC] Remove selected destinations.
[DETAILS OF PREVIOUS CONNECTION] View computers to which the camera has recently connected.


Adjust settings for connection to optional [Fujifilm instax SHARE] printers.

The Printer Name (SSID) and Password

The printer name (SSID) can be found on the bottom of the printer; the default password is “1111”. If you have already chosen a different password to print from a smartphone, enter that password instead.


Adjust settings for connection to wireless networks.

Option Description
[NAME] Choose a name ([NAME]) to identify the camera on the wireless network (the camera is assigned a unique name by default).
[RESIZE IMAGE FOR SMARTPHONE] H Choose [ON] (the default setting, recommended in most circumstances) to resize larger images to H for upload to smartphones, [OFF] to upload images at their original size. Resizing applies only to the copy uploaded to the smartphone; the original is not affected.
[GEOTAGGING] Choose whether location data downloaded from a smartphone are embedded in pictures as they are taken.
[LOCATION INFO] Display the location data last downloaded from a smartphone.

Choose the role played by the [Fn] button when it is assigned the [WIRELESS COMMUNICATION] function.

[PAIRING/TRANSFER ORDER]: The [Fn] button can be used for pairing and selecting images for transfer.

[WIRELESS COMMUNICATION]: The [Fn] button can be used for wireless connections.


View the camera’s MAC and Bluetooth address.


Restore wireless settings to their default values.


To format a memory card:

  1. Highlight K[FORMAT] in the setup menu and press [MENU/OK].

  2. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. To format the memory card, highlight [OK] and press [MENU/OK]. To exit without formatting the memory card, select [CANCEL] or press [DISP/BACK}.

All data—including protected pictures—will be deleted from the memory card. Be sure important files have been copied to a computer or other storage device.

Do not open the battery-chamber cover during formatting.