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Consult the table below should you encounter problems using your camera. If you don’t find the solution here, contact your local Fujifilm distributor.

Wired Connections

Problem Solution
The computer does not recognize the camera. Be sure the camera and computer are correctly connected (aConnecting the Camera and Computer).
FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO or FUJIFILM X Acquire fails to correctly detect the camera. Check camera settings. If the camera is connected via USB, be sure [5: USB RAW CONV./BACKUP RESTORE] is chosen for [SELECT CONNECTION SETTING] (aRAW Processing, aSaving and Loading Settings).
Cannot connect to iPhones or iPads. [POWER SUPPLY ON/COMM OFF] is selected for [USB POWER SUPPLY/COMM SETTING]. Select [POWER SUPPLY OFF/COMM ON] when the camera is connected via a Lightning connection to a device that do not supply power (aFor Customers Using iOS).
Cannot connect to smartphone. Confirm that the camera is correctly connected: The procedure for connecting the camera varies with the type of connector with which the smartphone is equipped (aCopying Pictures to a Smartphone).

Wireless Transfer

For additional information on troubleshooting wireless connections, visit:
aDigital Cameras FAQ

Problem Solution

Cannot connect to smartphone.

The camera is slow to connect or upload pictures to the smartphone.

Upload fails or is interrupted.

Cannot upload images.
  • The smartphone is connected to another device: The smartphone and camera can connect to only one device at a time. End the connection and try again (aConnecting to Smartphones (Bluetooth)).
  • There are several smartphones in the vicinity: Try connecting again. The presence of multiple smartphones can make connection difficult (aConnecting to Smartphones (Bluetooth)).
  • The image was created on another device: The camera may not be able to upload images created on other devices.
  • The image is a movie: Uploading movies takes some time. In addition, smartphones may not accept upload of movies in formats they do not support.
Smartphone will not display pictures. Select [ON] for [Bluetooth/SMARTPHONE SETTING] > [RESIZE IMAGE FOR SMARTPHONE]. Selecting [OFF] increases upload times for larger images; in addition, some phones may not display images over a certain size (a[RESIZE IMAGE FOR SMARTPHONE]).

Remote Movie Recording

Problem Solution
The remote recording display does not appear in the browser.
  • The IP address is incorrect: Enter the correct IP address. Note that the IP address may change unexpectedly if automatic IP address assignment is enabled (aRemote Movie Recording Using a Web Browser).
  • The access point for the computer or tablet is not configured correctly: Be sure the access point for the computer or tablet is configured correctly (aRemote Movie Recording Using a Web Browser).
  • The camera is not on the same network as the computer or tablet: Be sure the camera is connected to the same local-area network (LAN) as the computer or tablet (aRemote Movie Recording Using a Web Browser).
  • The camera clock is not set to the correct date: Set the camera clock to the correct date (day, month, and year).
  • Delete the browser history and/or cache.
The browser is slow to update the view through the camera lens.
  • The connection is not high speed: Be sure both the camera and the computer or tablet are connected to the network via Ethernet or high-speed (e.g., 5 GHz) wireless.
  • The browser is configured to prioritize image quality over performance: Select real-time performance for “Display with Image quality priority/Real-time performance priority” in the browser remote recording menu (aRemote Recording Menu).
The browser does not display the same menus or other text as the camera. Automatic translation is enabled in the browser: Disable automatic translation.
The computer or tablet cannot connect to the camera via HTTPS.
  • The camera root certificate has not been installed on the computer or tablet: Install the camera root certificate on the computer or tablet (aConnecting via HTTPS).
  • The camera IP address has changed: The camera root certificate must be reinstalled on the computer or tablet each time the camera’s IP address changes.
The computer or tablet cannot connect to multiple cameras via HTTPS. Root certificates for some cameras have not been installed on the computer or tablet: Install root certificates for all cameras (aConnecting via HTTPS).
A second or subsequent camera cannot be connected from a QR code.