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  • When an optional FT-XH file transmitter is attached, you can:

    • take photographs remotely via wired or wireless LAN (tethered photography) *,
    • upload pictures to an FTP server via wired or wireless LAN using the USB tethering feature on a smartphone or tablet, and
    • film movies remotely while using a web browser to control the camera (or multiple cameras, each with its own wireless transmitter attached) from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
    • * The FT-XH file transmitter supports 2×2 MIMO wireless LAN for transmission speeds faster than are available with the camera alone.

  • Menu items marked with an f icon are available when a file transmitter is attached.
  • A list of the cameras that support file transmitters is available from the website below. Consult the camera manual for information on such topics as attaching file transmitters.

    aX Mirrorless Digital Cameras