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This section describes how to film movies in auto mode.

  1. Rotate the drive dial to F.

  2. Adjust settings for program AE.

    A Shutter speed [A] (auto)
    B Sensitivity [A] (auto)
    C Focus mode [S] (single AF)
    D Aperture [A] (auto)
    E Metering o (multi)

    To use the shutter speed and sensitivity dials, press the dial lock release and rotate the dial to the desired setting.

  3. Press the shutter button to start recording. A recording indicator (V) and the time remaining are displayed while recording is in progress.

  4. Press the button again to end recording. Recording ends automatically when the maximum length is reached or the memory card is full.

Using an External Microphone

Sound can be recorded with external microphones that connect using jacks 3.5 mm in diameter; microphones that require plug-in power cannot be used. See the microphone manual for details.

Sound is recorded via the built-in microphone or an optional external microphone. Do not cover the microphone during recording.

Note that the microphone may pick up lens noise and other sounds made by the camera during recording.

Vertical or horizontal streaks may appear in movies containing very bright subjects. This is normal and does not indicate a malfunction.

Adjusting Movie Settings

Movie settings can be adjusted using the B[MOVIE SETTING] option in the shooting menu (aThe Shooting Menus ([MOVIE SETTING])).

Depth of Field

Choose low f-numbers to soften background details.

The indicator lamp lights while recording is in progress (the B[MOVIE SETTING] > [TALLY LIGHT] option can be used to choose the lamp—indicator or AF-assist—that lights during movie recording and whether the lamp blinks or remains steady). During recording, you can change exposure compensation by up to ±2 EV and adjust zoom using the zoom ring on the lens (if available).

If the lens is equipped with an aperture mode switch, select the aperture mode before beginning recording. If an option other than [A] is selected, shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted while recording is in progress.

While recording is in progress, you can:

  • Adjust sensitivity
  • Use the [VIEW MODE] button and the eye sensor to switch between the EVF and LCD monitor displays
  • Refocus using any of the following methods:
  • Press the shutter button halfway

    Press a function button to which [AF-ON] is assigned

    Use touch screen controls

  • Display a histogram or artificial horizon by pressing the button to which [HISTOGRAM] or [ELECTRONIC LEVEL] has been assigned

Recording may be unavailable at some settings, while in other cases settings may not apply during recording.

The slot to which movies are recorded can be selected using the D[SAVE DATA SET-UP] > [SELECT SLOT(F SEQUENTIAL)] option in the D (setup) menu.

To choose the focus area for movie recording, select B[MOVIE SETTING] > F[FOCUS AREA] and use the focus stick (focus lever) and rear command dial (aFocus-Point Selection).

In focus mode [C] (AF-C), the camera can be refocused during movie recording by pressing the shutter button halfway or by pressing the button to which [AF-ON] is assigned.