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Attach the strap clips to the camera and then attach the strap.

  1. Open a strap clip.

    Use the clip attaching tool to open a strap clip, making sure that the tool and clip are in the orientations shown.

  2. Place the strap clip on an eyelet.

    Hook the strap eyelet in the clip opening. Remove the tool, using the other hand to keep the clip in place.

    Keep the tool in a safe place, as you will need it to open the strap clips when removing the strap.

  3. Pass the clip through the eyelet.

    Rotate the clip fully through the eyelet until it clicks closed.

  4. Attach a protective cover.

    Place a protective cover over the eyelet as shown, with the black side of the cover toward the camera.

  5. Fasten the strap.

    Insert the strap through a protective cover and strap clip and fasten as shown.

    To avoid dropping the camera, be sure the strap is correctly secured.

Repeat Steps 1–5 for the second eyelet.