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Cooling fans help keep the camera cool, allowing longer periods of non-stop movie recording.

Attaching a Cooling Fan

Open the monitor and attach an FAN-001 cooling fan.

Turn the camera off before attaching or removing the fan.

  1. Open the monitor.

  2. Remove the camera cooling fan connector cover and the fan connector cap.

    After removing the cooling fan connector cover (A), attach it to the fan for safe-keeping. Keep the fan connector cap (B) in a safe place.

  3. Place the fan on the camera, making sure the screws and connectors are correctly aligned.

  4. Tighten the screws.

The cooling fan may fall off if the screws are not sufficiently tightened.

Using the Fan

Fan speed can be adjusted using the A[SHOOTING SETTING] > xF[COOLING FAN SETTING] and B[MOVIE SETTING] > xF[COOLING FAN SETTING] options in the photo and movie menus, respectively. Select [OFF] to turn the fan off.

At some speeds, the noise of the fan may be audible in movies recorded with the camera.