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Take pictures using autofocus.

  1. Use F[AF/MF SETTING] > [FOCUS MODE] to choose a focus mode (a Focus Mode).

  2. Use F[AF/MF SETTING] > [AF MODE] to choose an AF mode (a Autofocus Options (AF Mode)).

  3. Choose the position and size of the focus frame (a Focus-Point Selection).

  4. Take pictures.

For information on the autofocus system, visit:

a Auto Focus System Special Site

Focus Mode

Use the [FOCUS MODE] option in the F[AF/MF SETTING] menu to choose how the camera focuses.

  1. Press [MENU/OK] to display the menus.

  2. Select F[AF/MF SETTING] > [FOCUS MODE] in the shooting menu.

  3. Choose from the following options:

    Mode Description



    Focus manually using the lens focus ring. Choose for manual control of focus or in situations in which the camera is unable to focus using autofocus (a Manual Focus).



    Focus is continually adjusted to reflect changes in the distance to the subject while the shutter button is pressed halfway. Use for subjects that are in motion. Eye-detection AF is not available.



    Focus locks while the shutter button is pressed halfway. Choose for stationary subjects.

Regardless of the option selected, manual focus will be used when the lens is in manual focus mode.

If [ON] is selected for F[AF/MF SETTING] > [PRE-AF], focus will be adjusted continuously in modes k and l even when the shutter button is not pressed.

The Focus Indicator

The focus indicator turns green when the subject is in focus and blinks white when the camera is unable to focus. Brackets (“( )”) indicate that the camera is focusing and are displayed continuously in mode k. j is displayed in manual focus mode.

Focus indicator

Autofocus Options (AF Mode)

Choose how the camera focuses in modes k and l.

  1. Press [MENU/OK] and go to the shooting menu.

  2. Select F[AF/MF SETTING] > [AF MODE].

  3. Choose an AF mode.

How the camera focuses depends on the focus mode.

Focus Mode l ([SINGLE AF])

Option Description Sample image



Camera focuses on subject in selected focus point. Use for pin-point focus on selected subject.



Camera focuses on subject in selected focus zone. Focus zones include multiple focus points, making it easier to focus on subjects in motion.



Camera focuses automatically on high-contrast subjects; display shows areas in focus.

Focus Mode k ([CONTINUOUS AF])

Option Description Sample image



Focus tracks subject at selected focus point. Use for subjects moving toward or away from camera.



Focus tracks subject in selected focus zone. Use for subjects that are moving fairly predictably.



Focus tracks subjects moving through wide area of frame.

Focus-Point Selection

Choose a focus point for autofocus.

Viewing the Focus-Point Display

  1. Press the selector up ([AF]) to view the focus-point display.

  2. Use the selector and sub-command dial to position the focus frame over the desired focus point.

Focus-area selection can also be accessed via the shooting menu.

Selecting a Focus Point

Use the selector to choose the focus point and the sub-command dial to choose the size of the focus frame. The procedure varies with the option selected for AF mode.

AF mode Selector DISP/BACK button Sub-command dial





r Select focus point Select center focus point Choose from 5 frame sizes Restore original size
y Choose from 3 frame sizes

Manual focus-point selection is not available when z[WIDE/TRACKING] is selected in focus mode l.

The Focus-Point Display

The focus-point display varies with the option selected for AF mode.

Focus frames are shown by small squares (□), focus zones by the large squares.


Choose single focus point.


Choose from zones with 7 × 7, 5 × 5, or 3 × 3 focus points.


Position focus frame over subject and press [MENU/OK].

Available Focus Points

TTL contrast-detect AF offers more focus points (A) than intelligent hybrid AF (B), which combines phase-detection with TTL contrast-detect AF.

Burst Mode Focus-Frame Selection

When continuous high-speed (J) is selected for drive mode, the number of focus frames available in focus mode k drops.

Single point




Although the camera boasts a high-precision autofocus system, it may be unable to focus on the subjects listed below.

  • Very shiny subjects such as mirrors or car bodies.
  • Subjects photographed through a window or other reflective object.
  • Dark subjects and subjects that absorb rather than reflect light, such as hair or fur.
  • Insubstantial subjects, such as smoke or flame.
  • Subjects that show little contrast with the background.
  • Subjects positioned in front of or behind a high-contrast object that is also in the focus frame (for example, a subject photographed against a backdrop of highly contrasting elements).

Checking Focus

To zoom in on the current focus area for precise focus, press the center of the sub-command dial. Press again to cancel zoom.

Normal display

Focus zoom

In focus mode l, zoom can be adjusted by rotating the sub-command dial. Focus zoom is not available in focus mode k or when F[AF/MF SETTING] > [PRE-AF] is on or an option other than [SINGLE POINT] is selected for [AF MODE].