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Use the digital teleconverter to further magnify the image while processing it for sharp, high-resolution results.

  1. Assign [DIGITAL TELE-CONV.] to the control ring (aThe Control Ring).

  2. Choose the zoom angle using the control ring.

    Standard (35 mm *)

    50 mm *

    70 mm *

    * 35 mm format equivalent

  3. Take pictures at the selected zoom angle.

Image quality drops slightly at [DIGITAL TELE-CONV.] settings of 50 and 70 mm.

The digital teleconverter cannot be used when a RAW option is selected for image quality.

Selecting a RAW option for image quality disables the digital teleconverter.

The digital teleconverter may be unavailable in some modes.

Digital teleconverter settings can also be accessed via A[SHOOTING SETTING] > [DIGITAL TELE-CONV.].

The zoom angles available when a conversion lens is attached are 72 and 100 mm for telephoto conversion lenses (teleconverters) and 41 and 58 mm for wide-angle conversion lenses.