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The following optional accessories are available from Fujifilm. For the latest information on the accessories available in your region, check with your local Fujifilm representative or visit “Accessories”.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
NP‑W126S: Additional high-capacity NP‑W126S rechargeable batteries can be purchased as required.
Battery chargers
BC‑W126S: Replacement battery chargers can be purchased as required. At +20 °C/+68 °F, the BC-W126S charges an NP‑W126S in about 150 minutes.
DC couplers
CP‑W126: For extended shooting or playback or when using the camera with a computer, use the CP-W126 to connect the camera to the AC-9V power adapter.
AC power adapters
AC‑9V (requires CP‑W126 DC coupler): Use this 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz AC power adapter for extended shooting and playback or when copying pictures to a computer.
Remote releases
RR‑100: Use to reduce camera shake or keep the shutter open during a time exposure (⌀2.5 mm).
Stereo microphones
MIC‑ST1: An external microphone for movie recording.
Shoe-mounted flash units
EF‑X500: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 50/164 (ISO 100, m/ft.). Powered by four AA batteries or an optional EF-BP1 battery pack, it supports manual and TTL flash control and auto power zoom in the range 24–105 mm (35 mm format equivalent). The flash head can be rotated 90° up, 10° down, 135° left, or 180° right for bounce lighting.
EF-BP1: A battery pack for shoe-mounted flash units. Takes up to 8 AA batteries.
EF‑X20: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 20/65 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and supports manual and TTL flash control.
Leather cases
LC-X100V: This case combines practicality with the luxury of leather and comes with a shoulder strap made of the same material, as well as a cloth that can be used to wrap the camera before putting it in the case and on other occasions. Pictures can be taken and batteries inserted or removed with the camera still in its case.
Grip belts
GB‑001: Improves grip. Combine with a hand grip for more secure handling.
Conversion lenses
TCL-X100 II: Increases the focal length of the camera lens.
WCL-X100 II: Reduces the focal length of the camera lens and increases its angle of view.
Adapter rings
AR-X100: An aluminum adapter ring used when attaching the LH-X100 lens hood or ⌀49 mm filters available from third-party suppliers.
Lens hoods
LH-X100: This aluminum lens hood comes with an AR-X100 adapter ring made of the same material. The adapter ring is required when attaching the hood.
Protective filters
PRF-49/PRF-49S: A filter used to protect the lenses of X100-series cameras (requires the AR-X100 adapter ring).
instax SHARE printers
SP‑1/SP‑2/SP-3: Connect via wireless LAN to print pictures on instax film.