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The camera takes a series of 20 shots, using in-body image stabilization to move the image sensor by half a pixel with each shot and recording each frame in RAW format. Using specialized computer software, the frames can then be combined to create a high-resolution RAW picture.

  1. Press the DRIVE button to display the drive mode options and select PIXEL SHIFT MULTI SHOT.

  2. Choose a value for INTERVAL.

    • We recommend setting INTERVAL to SHORTEST.
    • If you intend to use the flash with every shot, choose a value for INTERVAL long enough to allow the flash to charge between shots.
  3. Press the shutter button to start shooting.

    • The shots are recorded to the memory card in RAW format.
    • To minimize vibration, use the self-timer or a remote release.
  4. Combine the shots on a computer.

    • The shots can be combined using FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner.
    • To save high-resolution RAW pictures in other formats, use Capture One Express for Fujifilm, Capture One for Fujifilm, or Capture One Pro, available from Capture One A/S. FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO and RAW FILE CONVERTER EX powered by SILKYPIX cannot be used for this purpose.

Visit the websites below to learn more about or download the following computer software:

a FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner

a Capture One Express for Fujifilm

a Capture One for Fujifilm

a Capture One Pro

Pixel-shift multi-shot photography can be performed via tethered shooting. For this purpose, use FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner.

The flash will synchronize with the shutter at shutter speeds of 1/25 s or slower.

The following limitations apply to the use of the pixel-shift multi-shot option:

  • Pixel-shift multi-shot photography can only be performed using the electronic shutter.
  • Sensitivity is restricted to a maximum of ISO 1600. Choosing higher values or a setting of AUTO results in a sensitivity of ISO 1600, while lower values remain unchanged.
  • The only option available for RAW RECORDING is LOSSLESS COMPRESSED.
  • Pictures taken with CONTINUOUS AF selected for focus mode will be shot using SINGLE AF. Pictures taken with SINGLE AF or MANUAL FOCUS selected are shot in the chosen focus mode.
  • If the subject or camera moves during shooting, the desired results may not be achieved when the shots are combined.
  • ASHOOTING SETTING > FLICKER REDUCTION is automatically set to OFF.
  • The value selected for exposure compensation applies to all 20 shots.


Pictures taken using the pixel-shift multi-shot option are indicated by a pixel-shift multi-shot icon in full-frame playback (aThe Playback Display).