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The camera offers a choice of modes in which you can manually adjust shutter speed and/or aperture (P, S, A, and M modes) and auto modes in which settings are automatically adjusted for the subject or the selected scene.

P, S, A, and M Modes

Choose P, S, A, or M mode for manual control over shutter speed and/or aperture. The role of the command dial varies with the mode selected.

Shutter speed dial

Aperture ring

Aperture mode switch

For information on the role of the command dial when the camera is used with lenses not equipped with an aperture ring, see "Lenses with No Aperture Rings".

Mode Description Role of command dial
P Program AE: The camera adjusts settings automatically, but you can use the command dial to choose from combinations of shutter speed and aperture that will produce optimal exposure (program shift). Program shift
S Shutter-priority auto: You choose the shutter speed using the shutter speed and command dials and let the camera adjust aperture for optimal exposure. Shutter speed fine-tuning
A Aperture-priority auto: You choose the aperture using the aperture ring and let the camera adjust shutter-speed for optimal exposure.
M Manual exposure: You control both shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed fine-tuning