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Select pictures for upload to YouTube, Facebook or using MyFinePix Studio (Windows only).

  1. Select YouTube to choose movies for upload to YouTube, Facebook to choose photos and movies for upload to Facebook, or to choose photos for upload to

  2. Press the selector left or right to display pictures and press MENU/OK to select or deselect. Press DISP/BACK to exit when all the desired pictures are selected.

Only movies can be selected for upload to YouTube.

Only photos can be selected for upload to

During playback, selected pictures are indicated by YouTube, Facebook or icons.

Choose RESET ALL to deselect all pictures. If the number of pictures affected is very large, some time may be required to complete the operation. Press DISP/BACK to exit before the operation is complete.

Uploading Pictures (Windows Only)

Selected pictures can be uploaded using the YouTube/Facebook/ Upload option in MyFinePix Studio. For information on installing MyFinePix Studio and connecting the camera to a computer, see “Viewing Pictures on a Computer”.

Select with camera

Upload from computer