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Capture motion in a series of pictures.

  1. Press the DRIVE button to display drive options.

  2. Press the selector up or down to highlight , then press the selector left or right to choose a frame rate of (high) or (low). Press MENU/OK to proceed when settings are complete.

  3. Press the shutter button halfway to focus.

  4. Press the shutter button the rest of the way down to start shooting. Shooting ends when the shutter button is released, the maximum number of pictures has been taken, or the memory card is full.

If file numbering reaches 999 before shooting is complete, the remaining pictures will be recorded to a new folder.

In some drive modes, shooting may not begin if the space available on the memory card is insufficient.

Frame rate varies with the subject, shutter speed, sensitivity, and focus mode and may slow as more shots are taken.

The flash turns off automatically; the previously-selected flash mode is restored when burst shooting is disabled.

Additional time may be required to record pictures when shooting ends.

Focus and Exposure

To vary focus and exposure with each shot, select focus mode C; in other modes, focus and exposure are determined by the first shot in each series.

Selecting in focus mode C restricts the choice of focus frames.

Exposure and focus tracking performance may vary with aperture, sensitivity, and shooting conditions.