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Adapter ring


An aluminum adapter ring used when attaching the LH-X100 lens hood or φ49 mm filters available from third-party suppliers.

Attaching Adapter Rings

  1. Remove the front ring.

    If you have trouble removing the front ring, grip the entire ring and rotate it as shown.

  2. Attach the adapter ring as shown, with the projections facing out.

Keep the front ring and lens cap in a safe place when not in use.

Attach the adapter ring AR-X100 before attaching LH-X100 lens hood, PRF-49S protector filter, or third-party filters.

Lens hood


This aluminum lens hood comes with an AR-X100 adapter ring made of the same material. The adapter ring is required when attaching the hood.

Attaching Lens Hoods

Attach the adapter ring before attaching the lens hood.

Align the indentations and rotate as shown.

Protective filters


A filter used to protect the lenses of X100-series cameras (requires the AR-X100 adapter ring).

Attach the adapter ring before attaching the filter.

Tele conversion lense

Increases the focal length of the camera lens.

Wide conversion lense

Reduces the focal length of the camera lens and increases its angle of view.

Leather cases

This leather case comes with a shoulder strap made of the same material. Pictures can be taken and batteries and memory cards inserted or removed with the camera still in its case.

Grip belts

This accessory improves your grip on the camera, allowing it to be carried in one hand.

[instax SHARE] printers

Connect via wireless LAN to print pictures on instax film.

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