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Adjust movie-recording options.

To display options for movie recording, press [MENU]/[OK] in the shooting display and select the ([MOVIE SETTING]) tab.

The options available vary with the shooting mode selected.


Choose a frame size and rate for movie recording.

Option Frame size Rate
[2160/29.97P] 3840 × 2160
29.97 fps
[2160/25P] 25 fps
[2160/24P] 24 fps
[2160/23.98P] 23.98 fps
[1080/59.94P] 1920 × 1080
(Full HD)
59.94 fps
[1080/50P] 50 fps
[1080/29.97P] 29.97 fps
[1080/25P] 25 fps
[1080/24P] 24 fps
[1080/23.98P] 23.98 fps
[720/59.94P] 1280 × 720
59.94 fps
[720/50P] 50 fps
[720/29.97P] 29.97 fps
[720/25P] 25 fps
[720/24P] 24 fps
[720/23.98P] 23.98 fps


Choose how the camera selects the focus point for movie recording.

Option Description
[MULTI] Automatic focus-point selection.
[AREA] The camera focuses on the subject in the selected focus area.


If [ON] is selected, HDMI devices to which the camera is connected will mirror the information in the camera display.

[ON] [OFF]


Choose the destination for 4K movies shot while the camera is connected to an HDMI recorder or other device that supports 4K.

Option Description
[CARD] 4K movies are recorded to a camera memory card in 4K and output to the HDMI device in Full HD.
[HDMI] 4K movies are output to the HDMI device in 4K, starting when the shutter button is pressed. The camera does not record 4K movies to a memory card.
[HDMI] () The camera outputs 4K movies to the HDMI device and does not record them to a memory card. Low gamma and a color space with a wide gamut are used to create footage suitable for post-processing. Minimum sensitivity is set to ISO 800.


Choose whether the camera sends movie start and stop signals to the HDMI device when the shutter button is pressed to start and stop movie recording.

[ON] [OFF]


Adjust the recording level for the built-in and external microphones.

Option Description
[20]—[1] Choose a recording level.
[OFF] Disable the microphone.

Displays shows the peak recording level detected in a given period.

You can assign [MIC LEVEL ADJUSTMENT] to a camera control and then using the control to adjust the microphone level during recording.