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The parts of the camera are listed below.

At (movie recording) button

B[Q] (quick menu) button

C[ISO] button

DRear command dial

EMode dial

FHot shoe


H[Fn] (function) dial

IN (flash pop-up) lever

JConnector cover

KStrap clip

LConnector cover


NLens signal contacts

OLens release button

PAF-assist illuminator
Self-timer lamp
Tally light

QFront command dial

R[ON]/[OFF] switch

SShutter button


UBody cap

VMicrophone/remote release connector (φ3.5 mm)

WUSB connector (Type-C)

XHDMI Micro connector (Type D)

YI (drive) button
b (delete) button (playback mode)

Za (playback) button

aDiopter adjustment control

bElectronic viewfinder (EVF)

c[Fn] button

d[AEL] (exposure lock) button

e[AFON] button

fStrap clip

gIndicator lamp
Tally light

hFocus stick (focus lever)

iBattery-chamber cover latch

jBattery-chamber cover

kCable channel cover for DC coupler

l[DISP] (display)/[BACK] button

m[MENU/OK] button

nTripod mount

oVari-angle LCD monitor
Touch screen

pEye sensor

qMemory card slot

rBattery chamber

sBattery latch

tSerial number plate

VUse of an optional RR‑100 remote release requires a third-party adapter to convert the three-pin, φ2.5 mm connector to a three-pin, φ3.5 mm connector.

tDo not remove the serial number plate, which provides the CMIIT ID, serial number, and other important information.