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Adjust movie settings.


Select a frame size and rate for movie recording.

Option Description
1080/30 P Full HD (30 fps)
1080/25 P Full HD (25 fps)
1080/24 P Full HD (24 fps)
720/60 P HD (60 fps)
720/50 P HD (50 fps)
720/24 P HD (24 fps)


Choose the sensitivity for movie recording from [AUTO] or from settings between ISO 400 and 6400.

This setting has no effect on photographs.


This option controls how the camera focuses during movie recording.

When shooting starts, the camera focuses on the subject in the center of the frame.
The camera continuously adjusts focus to reflect changes in the distance to subjects near the center of the frame.
Focus manually.

Note that in [CONTINUOUS] mode, the camera focuses continuously, increasing the drain on the battery, and that the sound of the camera focusing may be audible.

If a face is detected when [CONTINUOUS] is selected, a icon will be displayed and the camera will continuously adjust focus to maintain focus on the face.


Adjust the microphone recording level.