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Rotate the exposure compensation dial to adjust exposure when photographing very bright, very dark, or high-contrast subjects.

Choose positive values (+) to increase exposure

Choose negative values (—) to reduce exposure

The amount of compensation available varies with the shooting mode.

C (Custom)

When the exposure compensation dial is rotated to [C], exposure compensation can be adjusted by rotating the front command dial.

The front command dial can be used to set exposure compensation to values between −5 and +5 EV.

In exposure modes other than [A] (aperture-priority AE), the front command dial can be used to set shutter speed or exposure compensation. Press the dial to toggle between the two.

Choosing an Exposure Compensation Value

  • Backlit subjects: Choose values from +²⁄₃ EV to +1²⁄₃ EV.

  • Highly reflective subjects or very bright scenes (e.g., snowfields): +1 EV

  • Scenes that are mostly sky: +1 EV

  • Spotlit subjects (particularly if photographed against dark backgrounds): -²⁄₃ EV

  • Subjects with low reflectivity (pine trees or dark-colored foliage): -²⁄₃ EV