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2. Viewing Network and Destination Folder Options

Setup involves:

(1) adjusting network settings (connecting the camera, Wi-Fi router, and computer in a wireless network) and
(2) noting the destination folder.

Before proceeding:

  1. Check that the camera and Wi-Fi router are on.
  2. Check whether the router is equipped with a WPS button.

If it is, you will be able to connect to the network without entering a password or adjusting other network settings, SIMPLE SETTING (via WPS), recommended. If it is not, you will need to connect manually, (MANUAL SETTING).

Simple Setting (via WPS)


Computer and Wi-Fi Router


Click the icon in the taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (macOS/OS X/Mac OS X) and select PC AUTO SAVE SETTING.




The “SIMPLE SETTING (via WPS)” dialog will be displayed.



Turn the camera on, highlight PC AUTO SAVE SETTING in the setup menu, and press OK.

The menus displayed on your camera may differ from those shown here.



Highlight SIMPLE SETUP and press OK.



Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router within 2 minutes until the WPS lamp starts to flash.



The camera is connected
to the Wi-Fi router.
Connecting to computer.



The camera is connected to the computer. Check the name of the destination computer and press OK.


The name of the computer will appear in the “DESTINATION PC” text box.

If the computer name uses non-ASCII characters, the computer software will choose the name.





Check the destination folder and click OK.



Destination saved



A message will be displayed when the destination is saved. Press OK to exit to shooting or playback.

Each camera can be configured for use with up to six computers at a time.

If multiple computers are detected in Step 6, press the selector down to scroll through the list.

To connect using a WPS PIN, press the button after selecting SIMPLE SETUP in Step 4. A PIN-entry dialog will be displayed; enter the WPS PIN for the Wi-Fi router. For more information on the WPS PIN, see the documentation provided with the router.


At default settings, pictures are saved to the following destination folder:


\Users\(your user name)\Pictures

macOS/OS X/Mac OS X

/Users/(your user name)/Pictures

For information on choosing a different folder, see “Change destination folder ”.

A maximum of ten cameras can be registered with the FUJIFILM PC AutoSave computer application.

The computer will add the camera and launch the web browser, where instructions for actually saving photographs and movies will be displayed.


After adjusting network settings and choosing a destination folder, you are ready to copy pictures to the computer as described in “3. Saving Photos and Movies to the Computer”.

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